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Study on the Impact of PreK Expansion on Child Care for Low-Income Families

Education Development Center, Inc. (EDC) and the Bloustein School of Planning & Public Policy at Rutgers University are conducting a study of the impact of pre-K expansion on child care for low-income families. The expansion of state-funded universal pre-K raises questions about the impact of such trends on the quality and supply of child care for low-income families. For our three-year investigation we will conduct a longitudinal investigation using a natural experiment to identify changes in child care access and quality for low-income, working families in New York and Ohio. We will also work with the National Institute of Early Education Research to report findings about pre-k definitions and services from their national survey of state pre-K programs. This study is designed to provide state-level child care and education administrators and policy makers with information to help them craft early care and education policies that meet the dual need of bolstering parental workforce participation and fostering children’s school readiness. The project is funded by a grant (#90YE101) from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Planning, Research, & Evaluation.

For further information about the study please contact:

Diane Schilder, Education Development Center: dschilder@edc.org

Stephanie M. Curenton, Bloustein School of Planning & Public Policy, Rutgers University: curenton@rutgers.edu